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  • Peter Sutton

    Peter Sutton

    Managing Director at Sutton Tools

  • Ross George

    Ross George

    Managing Director at Austeng

  • Lyn George

    Lyn George

    Director at Austeng

  • Ty  Hermans

    Ty Hermans

    Managing Director of the Evolve Group

  • Jens  Goennemann

    Jens Goennemann

    Managing Director of AMGC

  • William Smart

    William Smart

    Managing Director at Smartline

  • Tim Bridges

    Tim Bridges

    Supply & Distribution Mgr at B&R Enclosures

  • Stephen Van Duin

    Stephen Van Duin

    Associate Professor at University of Wollongong

  • Sean Ryan

    Sean Ryan

    Head of Solutions Sales at Swisslog

  • Pierre Sidorow

    Pierre Sidorow

    Continuous Improvement Manager at Varley

  • Paul Bocchi

    Paul Bocchi

    General Manager at ANCA Motion

  • Lachlan Smart

    Lachlan Smart

    Sales Specialist at Smartline

  • Kelly Elphinstone

    Kelly Elphinstone

    Managing Director at Elphinstone

  • Dean Hartley

    Dean Hartley

    Co-founder of iOrthotics

  • Damian Vassallo

    Damian Vassallo

    Co-founder of iOrthotics

  • Craig Hort

    Craig Hort

    Managing Director at Hort Enterprises

  • Callum McCracken

    Callum McCracken

    Managing Director at Minnovare

  • Angie Keeler

    Angie Keeler

    CEO at Zellabox

  • Chris Bridges-Taylor

    Chris Bridges-Taylor

    General Manager at B&R Enclosures

  • Susan Cull

    Susan Cull

    CEO at ICT International

  • Angela Doyle

    Angela Doyle

    WA State Director - AMGC

  • Veela Sahajwalla

    Veela Sahajwalla

    Director SMaRT@UNSW

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