The Competitiveness Framework is central to the Manufacturing Academy. This module introduces the importance for Australian manufacturers to be competitive both locally and globally. It is a key starting point for all the following content.

  • Understand the value equation and how international purchasing managers make decisions

  • Introduce the 'smiley curve', a key concept throughout the Manufacturing Academy

  • Receive insights and advice from three successful Australian manufacturers applying the competitiveness mindset

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The mindset of competitiveness

Presented by

  • Peter Sutton

    Managing Director at Sutton Tools

    Peter Sutton

    Peter Sutton’s career in manufacturing has spanned over 25 years covering a diverse range of functions within his 100-year-old family engineering business - Sutton Tools. Peter for the past 3 years has held the position of Managing Director, overseeing a company that in recent years has seen substantial growth. This includes the successful expansion of international markets as part of the company’s long-term strategy of export development.