In this next video, Rosie places the food and beverage industry under the microscope and examines the ways to innovate and elevate the industry for greater value. Key takeaways from the video include:

  • The enormous size and contribution of the food and beverage industry to the Australian economy

  • The developments that will help unlock greater value in the sector

  • How manufacturers can change processes to increase productivity and effectiveness to take advantage of the new and emerging markets in the sector

Presented by

  • Rosemary Barnes

    Manufacturing with Rosie

    Rosemary Barnes

    Rosemary Barnes has a PhD in mechanical engineering and over 15 years of professional experience working as an engineer developing new technologies in wind energy, solar energy and other renewable energy and sustainability industries. Alongside her consultation on technology development and innovation strategy, she hosts the ‘Engineering with Rosie’ YouTube channel which makes engineering exciting and accessible.

Course curriculum

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    Chapter 1
    • Food and Beverage