Product value is part of the new mindset explained in the Manufacturing Academy. This module takes you through the opportunities to increase the value of what you're offering at all seven steps of the manufacturing value chain.

  • Review the 'smiley curve' and the stages of the manufacturing value chain

  • Understand opportunities to add value at each step

  • Receive practical advice on how increasing product value can make you more competitive

Presented by

  • Ty  Hermans

    Managing Director of the Evolve Group

    Ty Hermans

    Ty Hermans is the Managing Director of the Evolve Group – Australia’s pre-eminent hardware accelerator and product commercialisation facility. Ty is passionate about ‘no nonsense’ product development with a laser focus on commercialisation, and he is leading the charge in bringing manufacturing back to Australia. Currently Evolve is manufacturing here in Australia more cost effectively than offshore suppliers for their vast customer base.